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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 20, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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baby and accused aragon of stealing her daughter. she showed us how flores even pushed her back into the apartment before aragon's older daughter called 911. 14-year-old denise said she had been outside with her sister in the apartment's court yard when flores approached them monday night. >> she was like complimenting my sister and after that, she's like oh, do you want to go to a store, i'll buy you some chocolate. >> reporter: the girls said no but flores followed them anyway. aragon said it's still unsettling. she said it scares me because i can't always keep my kids locked inside. i worry for other mothers. >> reporter: flores was booked into the santa clara county jail on a $200,000 bail. police say they don't yet know if she was under the influence
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of any drugs. we're live here in san jose, eric rasmussen, channel 2 news. three people are presumed dead after being swoept over a water fall at yosemite park. they ignored posted signs and climbed over a barricade to take pictures at vernal falls. all three plunged more than 300 feet in front of horrified witnesses. >> i saw the man's eyes as he was going over the falls. >> lives were lost, it's traumatic. >> among those who saw the three hikers fall were family members and friends of the victims. the rangers said the merced river is running fast and full and rangers are searching downstream for the three bodies. all three victims were from the central valley. friends and family are gathering at the park today. >> everyone is just praying that he gets found.
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>> the rangers say they may not find the vichls' bodies for months -- victims' bodies for months until the river reseeds. rangers reopened the trail about noon today. a northern california elementary school principal says he is innocent of accusations that he touched students inappropriately. bob adams spoke outside the courthouse in citrus heights with morning with his wife and daughters. adams is the principal and owner of creative frontiers. police shut down that school on monday saying at least ten current and former students have accused adams of inappropriate touching. >> i assure you i'm very confident that nothing inappropriate has happened. >> citrus heights police say adams is the focus of their investigation, but they have not given any indication of when or even if he will be arrested. a community meeting is just getting under way in san francisco aimed at trying to ease tensions between police and residents of the bay view district. it follows last night's protest
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martha we followed live during this newscast in which demonstrators voiced their anger following this past weekend's deadly police shooting. ktvu's ken pritchard is live at the bay view opera house now live. >> reporter: i was just inside the bay view opera house were more than a hundred people were gathered to hear. the march last night ended with vandalism and arrests which some say is hurting their cause against police in this case. police say it was members of black block or black anarchists that marched down the street last night. businesses were forced to lock their doors to protect employees and customers. fernando kosta was working in this cell phone store. >> we saw a large group walking down, they all had bandannas and ski masks. when i started seeing the ski
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masks, we were definitely worried. >> reporter: they were protesting the police shooting of ken eths harding -- kenneth harding. community leaders angry with police say they don't agree with the anarchist vandalism. >> they ridicule us in the corporate media and also in the mind of people who are trying so hard to save lives. >> reporter: misha razzi says she sympathizes and is in contact with groups such as black block but says measures such as smashing windows is destructive. >> as soon as we had indication that dangerous behavior would be used, we would not tolerate that and that's why arrests were made. >> reporter: san francisco updated the number of people arrested, the number of arrests were 43 according to san francisco police, most of those
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people liveout side the city. as for the meeting, we will hear from the police chief and community members and have a full report at 10. in san francisco, ken pritchard, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the style of protest we saw yesterday has become scha familiar to the people in the bay area. in 2003 we saw protesters marching through san francisco during demonstrations against the war in iraq. their black clothing and masks are meant to protect members identities. we talked to some bay area black block protesters in 2004. >> we feel we shouldn't have to ask the state for permission to make a political statement. >> critics say the black block tactics simply encourage protesters without any real political agenda to contrary out destructive behavior. you can watch video from last night's protest from, including what you saw live here
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on ktvu channel 2 news at 6. now to a story you will see only on 2. san francisco may or ed lee's comments to ktvu today seemed to indicate he may be considering entering the race for mayor and running for full term. the comments came as the mayor reflected on the city's appreciation of his work. >> that doesn't necessarily translate into elections but there are interesting discussions that are going on. >> reporter: with you and whom else? >> i would just leave it at that. >> that comment was prompted by a rally earlier today on the steps of city hall pushing mayor lee to run for office this november. when lee took office back in january, he pledged to only serve as interim mayor. a measure heading to san francisco voters this fall would allow city supervisors to alter certain ordinances. the board of supervisors voted yesterday to put the measure on the november ballot. it would only apply to ordinances written by supervisors or by the mayor, and those ordinances could only be
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ammed by a two-thirds vote by the board and only three years after they are passed by voters. four bay area mayors joined forces today to fight california's attempt to eliminate redevelopment agencies. oakland mayor gene quan was joined by other local leaders in oakland today. they announced their support for a lawsuit seeking to overturn the state's efforts to dissolve redevelopment agencies. >> redevelopment allows people to work, to take that away is ludicrous. >> the league of california cities and the california redevelopment association filed the lawsuit on monday. state budget cuts are forcing san francisco's superior court system to lay off 200 staff members in the next 60 days. ktvu consumer editor is reporting. >> reporter: frank, if justice
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delayed is justice denied, we are surely live in the state of denial. with 40% of its staff soon to be gone, san francisco superior courts already at a snail's pace may become paralyzed. that's where organizations such as jams are sure to grow. >> right now it may be one of the few options that's going to get people to resolve their problems if a reasonable -- in a reasonable amount of time. >> reporter: retired judge james warren is now a neutral arbitrator med yater for jams -- mediator for jams. >> according to presiding judge feinstein, if you file a complaint today you're going to get a trial date in 2016. in mediation, you can get your matter resolved in a few months. >> reporter: though mediation and arbitration still involve lawyers and evidence they're far less formal, costly and much
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quicker than the courts. >> the big factor, mediation has is the parties are reefk their own decision -- reaching their own decision. in arbitration, a third party neutral is making a decision for them. >> reporter: the arbitrators and med yaters are experienced -- mediators are experienced judicial officials so they're more likely to know what to expect in a timely and costly trial. now the judges here at the california supreme court who preside over the judiciary as a third coequal branch of government might have the last say. they may determine that the cuts violate the constitution. on the economy watch tonight, san jose-based force 10 has a new owner. dell has agreed to buy the networking equipment maker. the terms of the deal were not
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released. analysts say it gives dell a foot hold in the area. san francisco's twitter is seeking a new round of funding which could double its value. a website says twitter is looking for a deal. in december it was valued at $3.7 billion. u.s. stocks took a hit today as investors remain cautious about the debate over the nation's debt ceiling. the dow dropped more than 15 points while the nasdaq lost 12. the iphone will soon become a crime fighting tool. the 40 police agencies plan to start using an iris and face scanner that slips over the iphone. it can match faces to a national criminal data base. traffic fatalities are on the decline in california. traffic deaths dropped nearly
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12% in 2010 from just over 3,000 to just over 2700. it is the fifth year in a row that number has declined. state officials say factors include increased enforcement, safer cars, and better road design. the family of brian stow says doctors have performed emergency surgery on the injured paramedic. the surgery on monday drained what the family called massive amounts of fluid on stow's brain that caused him to suffer a seizure. the stow family says doctors inserted a filter tore drain the fluid. stow remains in serious condition at san francisco general hospital after being attacked outside dodger stadium back in march. salvage crews today raised a crab boat that sank outside the golden gate last month. news chopper 2 was overhead this morning as crews used inflatable bags to lift the 49-foot denny lynn to the surface. three fishermen were rescued after the boat capsized. doctors gave this teenage
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boy less than a week to live. now he's about to have the experience of a lifetime. we had a nice warmup today but changes just around the corner. coming up, the updated fog forecast for tomorrow morning and the temperature change you can expect for the weekend. free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees
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a richmond mother that lost a second son to street violence after a young man was gunned down today. we first told you about the killing at 20. 20-year-old darrell russell was found shot to death on 5th street around 11:30 this morning. his mother broke down at the scene after learning of the shooting. police say her 15-year-old boy cameron was shot and killed in richmond just two years ago.
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>> in broad daylight, next to the community center, there were actually kids outside. >> investigators say they have no motive or suspect in connection with today's shooting. now, earlier this week, ktvu's jana katsuyama took a look at how children are being kept safe. ktvu got an inside look today at the summer campaign against illegal marijuana growing. our crew went along with santa clara sheriff's deputies surveying an illegal grow near mount madonna park. >> we always find evidence of firearms, either bullets, spent shell casings or the guns thementdz in the groves -- themselves in the groves and there's quite a danger to them, as well as the environmental hazards, the pesticides and ferretlizers out there --
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fertilizers out there. today we learned details of an agreement between the city of vallejo and native american tribes to protect an ancient burial ground. the city had planned to built a restroom an park at glen coffee water -- dplen cove water -- glen cove water park. the city's plans no longer plan for a restroom and the parking lot has been downsized. he was given just one week to live but tonight alphonso garcia is alive and well and he threw out the first pitch today at at&t park. new at 6, rob both voth live in san francisco with -- roth is live in san francisco with the game-changing surgery. >> reporter: for one teenage boy, at&t park isn't just a field of dreams. being here, he says is a miracle. a little more than a year ago, 17-year-old alphonso garcia was
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on his death bed. now estands on the pitcher's mound. he threw out the ceremonial first pitch before this afternoon's giants-dodgers game. but wait, this story is how about alphonso got here t began a year and a half ago when ools was 125 -- alphonso said he had liver failure and without a transplant, he would be dead within a week. >> without warning, my life is already over. i never was able to realize my dream. >> reporter: but then with time running out asuitable liver became available from a 21-year-old sacramento man. >> i was like, wow, you know, this really has to be a miracle. >> reporter: alphonso takes medication but says he feels fine. up in the stands, his family watched their son from the field. >> we are very thankful for -- to see him how he has recovered.
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>> reporter: alphonso says he'd like to serve as an ambassador to help people to register as donors. but first he had one more mission to accomplish, the first pitch. >> were you nervous? >> yeah, a little but i think right now i'm on cloud nine. >> reporter: the california transplant donor network says on average 18 people die in the u.s. every day waiting for a transplant, so donors are needed to save the life like alphonso garcia . some cutting edge investors are taking a closer look at california's original green industry, farming. the grow california conference which began today at uc davis is bringing together venture capitalists. the idea is to spur silicon valley style innovation in the central valley.
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>> despite it being this huge industry, real driver of california's economy, it's almost like a, you know, our super secret in the state. >> the conference runs through tomorrow and will also focus on hot button issues like water use, food safety and sustainability. a nice warmup across the entire bay area for today and we still have mostly clear skies. we do have the clear conditions with that fog bank primarily way to our south, down toward monterey bay. as far as the current numbers, you can see in the south bay right now, san jose 86 degrees, livermore holding on to the upper 80s, 711234 strak, that is -- san francisco, that is actually the airport temperature. san francisco downtown in the mid-60s. here is a look at some of the highs from today. most areas warmed up about five to ten degrees from yesterday's readings. the 90s showing up toward santa rosa, antioch, and downtown
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oakland right around 8o 0. tonight, mostly clear skies, mild inland. tomorrow, sunny skies and warm numbers. the weekend things will be changing as we increase the fog, temperatures will be on the decrease as we head into sunday. overnight lows tomorrow, morning, partly cloudy skies, patchy fog primarily on the coastline. overnight lows in the 50s to right around 60 degrees for your thursday morning. high pressure has been strengthening over the past 24 hours. temperatures tomorrow come down just a little bit from today's highs but still the warmest locations approaching the lower 90s. into the weekend, the weather system moves in from the north and you can see the trend, temperatures will be cooling off for saturday and sunday. for the weekend, warmest locations only in the low to mid-80s. still another fairley warm day expected as we head into thursday. tomorrow morning, here's our forecast model showing you some patchy fog especially for areas south of the golden gate bridge.
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and then into the afternoon hours, increasing sunshine as that fog bank clears to justoff shore. temperatures, lower 90s in the warmer locations. around the bay the temperatures in the 70s and the warmest locations out toward antioch and brend wood are 92 -- brentwood are 92 to 93. a little bit cooler for tomorrow, more cooling in store as you can see for friday and into the weekend. not a major cooldown, still fairley nice for the inland spots. for the beaches, the fog returns and as a result the coastline will be shivering back down into the 50s and right around 60 degrees. it's now more than just a place to keep kids out of trouble. the critical services that are coming to this boys and girls club in the east bay.
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is for children it's a place of fun and play but the boys and girls club will be more. the club on 3rd street received a $100,000 grant. the money is going to pay for the new health clinic there, as long as with children's wellness programs and along with the checkups, organizers say kids
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will learn about healthy eating, even how to grow food in the club's garden. >> and hopefully put them on the road to lifelong habits that will combat obesity. >> the club already offers programs ranging from computer skills to digital music labs to sports. we showed you just a little bit of the giants game today. mark is here to tell us it was a tough one. >> you lose 1-0, you can just hear giant fans saying they've got to go out and make a trade, get another hitter but sometimes you have to tip your cap to the opposing pitcher and that's the case today. jeff keppinger meeting his new teammates. one swing of the bat off tim lincecum, a water world shot to right. the only run he gives up. the only run of the game, makes it worse because that guy was hitting .195. clayton kershaw, ace of the dodgers just putting the giants
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down, eight innings of shutout ball game, three hits, struck out 12. later our joe fonzi asked him if he gets extra pumped up facing an ace like tim lincecum. >> he's an awesome pitcher and tough at bat. he's got all the stuff working, it's really tough, but you know, for me personally, doesn't change too much, other than he's a left-handed batter, so i have to get ready for that. >> clayton is ridiculously good. i don't think he's reached his potential yet just from watching him. you know it's going to be a close game, so you have to be on top of yours, so i flinched first. so rough. >> giants got to deal with that guy for a long time. the a's back in detroit city trailing the tigers 5-4 in the 7th. and another tiger by the name of woods with another parting of the ways. this time with his long time caddy steve williams. basically going on without him. even though he doesn't know who will replace williams as his
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caddy, 12 years they were together through 72 tour victories. in fact, they were in each other's weddings. a tight friendship apparently no longer. one thing that might be a clue there, their wives are best friends. tiger's ex-wife. >> that might have something to do with it. right now on we're asking viewers if ed lee intertd race would it change their vote for san francisco mayor. we want to know what you think. go to our facebook page and tell us what you think. hi parents, it's going to be such a big school year.
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your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark. then i'll tell them the story of pluto, the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. school takes a lot. target has it all.


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